Friday, September 17, 2010

Woman broadcasted child sex abuse

Pamela K. Ortega, 30-year-old woman from Grant County, Washington has been arrested and is accused of performing various sex acts on her own children and her neighbors 2-week-old boy.

Ortega allegedly took photos and shoot videos of herself performing sex acts on the children, and then distributed them on the Internet.

Authorities were alerted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Ortega was interviewed at her apartment at 800 S. County Road in Warden in May, where she reportedly admitted to sexually abusing two relatives and a 2-week-old boy she babysat. Ortega told police she was a methamphetamine addict who filmed herself abusing the children at the behest of people she chatted with on the Internet.

Police is also investigating a bestiality claim against Ortega and a Moses Lake man’s dog, but no charges have so far been filed.

On at least a dozen occasions, Ortega forced her kids to stimulate her while men watched on a live feed. She also molested a 2-week-old baby on the webcam.

According to police, Ortega admitted that "...after she watched one of her cam pals molest his two young daughters, she returned the favor by molesting her own daughter. She further admits that she forced her children to sexually stimulate her while on cam, and has admitted to performing sexual acts on her son. Investigators believe the sexual abuse occurred at least more than ten times, and each event lasted between 5 and 15 minutes. The video was broadcast far and wide, with an audience of up to two or three men at a time."

She also set up sexual rendezvous with men so they could rape her daughter. She as finally caught when she offered her daughter for sex to a man in Europe, and he called the Center for Exploited Children.

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