Saturday, October 9, 2010

Woman Accused of Child Seduction

Lori Johnson, 42-year-old woman from Seneca, South Carolina, has been arrested for allegedly seducing a 16-year-old boy.

After the boys parents found a love letter written by Johnson they confronted her and she admitted writing the letter and to touching their son inappropriately. Parents contacted police who started investigation. In an intereview with the alleged victim he told investigators that last March he had been spending time with Johnson who had been forcing herself on him, and would become upset if she thought she wasn’t getting enough attention from the boy. The teen said when he told Johnson that he did not love her in June, she said she couldn’t live without him, and the only thing keeping her from “driving her car into a lake was because she believed in their relationship.” He said she threatened to kill herself several other times after that.He said in June, Johnson performed oral sex on him, but that was the end of his physical interaction with her. According to boy Johnson tried to demand more but he did not want to.

Johnson is charged with lewd act on a child.

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