Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Friend’s Son

Elisabeth Price, 43-year-old woman from Bryan, Texas, has been indicted for having sexual activity with a 16 year old boy on at least two separate occasion.

Price was arrested in May after she cut her wrists with a box cutter.

The first incident happened in January 2010 after the victim was given two shots of tequila and then went into the guest room of Price’s home to sleep. Short time later Price entered the bedroom and performed oral sex on young boy. The second incident happened three weeks later when the victim was again given alcohol. The teenager told police he was given several bourbon and cokes as well as two shots of bourbon and whenhe tried to go sleeping Price followed hom, entered the bedroom and performed sex acts on the boy before having full sexual intercourse with him.

Sometime later the teenager told his grandparents and then his parents about what happened. According to a report on that incident, Price told officers she enjoyed having sex with the teenager, but couldn’t live with herself afterward.

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