Sunday, November 28, 2010

Woman charged with sex assault on three boys

Misty Smith, 34-year-old woman from St. Albans, Vermont, has been arrested for several offenses stemming from the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of three 11-year-old boys.
Police arrested Smith at 68 Nason Street after being called to investigate a missing child. She told police that the boy was not there, but they heard the boy inside and investigated. They found not one, but a total of three boys being held against their will. Smith lived less than half a mile away from the school.

The charges against Mrs Smith include delivering drugs to minors, two counts unlawful restraint, two counts, one count furnishing alcohol to a minor, three charges of sexual assault which is aggravated because of the age of the alleged victims, lewd and lascivious conduct, two other counts and two counts of unlawful restraint.

Smith’s numerous charges stem from alleged incidents that occurred since Oct. 23. None of the charges involved Smith’s own son.

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Woman charged with sexual assault on three boys

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