Saturday, December 11, 2010

Utah Teacher's Aide Had SAex With Two Boys

Andrea Billingsley, 31-year-old teacher’s aide formerly at West Jordan Middle School, West Jordan, Utah, has been convicted of three counts of first-degree felony sodomy, three counts of first-degree felony forcible sexual abuse and one count of rape.

The charges stemmed from incidents that occurred last year with one of the teens while she supervised him during in-school suspension, as well as other acts that occurred involving the same teen and others in a local park. Prosecutors alleged Billingsley used her position as an aide who supervised an in-school suspension classroom to troll for a teenage boy with whom she could have a sexual relationshipThe 15-year-old boy claimed the teacher’s aide approached him in a classroom the spring of 2009, as another student in detention slept at a desk nearby. Billingsley set her cell phone on the victim’s desk and shared a photo of her nude breasts with the boy asking if that was what “he was looking for”. After that Billingsley started rubbing the boy’s body through his clothes, put her hand down his pants and proceeded to perform oral sex on the student.

Andrea Billingsley, West Jordan, Utah

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