Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Substitute Teacher Accused of Sex With Several Students

Heidi L. Lewis, 41-year-old substitute teacher at Bay City Central High School, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with three male students.

Bay City Police officers arrested Lewis after a female student told a school administer about that her boyfriend had been having a sexual relationship with substitute teacher.

Lewis, 41, of Midland, taught British literature at the high school from January 2010 until the time school let out in early June. The class’s regular teacher was on leave recovering from surgery, court records indicate.
Near the end of the school year, Lewis and one of the students exchanged cell phone numbers, one of the teens said. A short while after school let out for the year, Lewis came over to the teen’s house and they had sex, the teen told investigators.
The second teen told investigators the first teen later told him of his relationship with Lewis while they were hanging out together. When the second teen said he did not believe his friend, the first teen called Lewis over to his house and then the both teens then simultaneously had sex with Lewis, they said, according to court records.
Over time, the two teens told a third classmate about having sex with Lewis.
Investigators interviewed the third teen, who claimed to have had sex with Lewis in the back of her silver Jeep Cherokee. This teen told his girlfriend what happened and she ended up passing the information to school authorities.

Source and complete article:
Heidi Lewis, Midland, Michigan

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