Monday, May 30, 2011

Female Teacher has sex with students, gets labeled as sex offender

Heather Duncan,, 29-year-old teacher at Southern Local High Schoo, Saline, Ohio, has been sentenced to three years of community control for a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old.

Duncan entered an Alford Plea, which means she didn’t admit guilt. Alford plea (also called Alford guilty plea and Alford doctrinein the law of the United States is a guilty plea in criminal court,where the defendant does not admit the act and asserts innocence. Under the Alford plea, the defendant admits that sufficient evidence exists with which the prosecution could likely convince a judge or jury to find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Heather Duncan was arrested in May 2010. She approached the boy at a high school sporting event in October 20099 and lead him to a storage room where the the consensual sexual encounter occurred. The boy later told his parents what had happened, and they contacted officials.

Heather Duncan, Ohio

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