Monday, June 27, 2011

Teacher allegedly had an improper relationship with a student.

Heather Jackson, 37-year-old English teacher at Boswell High School, Fort Worth, Texas, has been arrested and accused of having an improper relationship with a student.

Jackson is accused of trying to solicit a 16-year-old student online but may also face a charge of resisting arrest as a result of contact with a fugitive officer who arrested her.

Jackson was placed on administrative leave last month after school officials learned that sge was having improper communication with astudent. When interviewed, the teen boy told that Jackson had begun sending messages to him on Facebook and asking for other ways to reach him and that he eventually gave Jackson his cellphone number and that they began exchanging text messages that were initially innocuous but became more sexual. Jackson continued to text the boy, including asking him whether he knew why she had seated him in the front row of her class and told him "... that she sat him there so she could excite him when she bent over in front of him," according to affidavit.

The teen tried to told Jackson that he felt weird, and that they should wait until after the school year because she was his teacher.
Two days later Jackson was again began texting the teen , stating, "I know u want to wait until summer but I don't."

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Teacher accused of soliciting student

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