Friday, June 10, 2011

Teacher Claims She IS Pregnant With Student’s Twins

Rene Chantel Frank, 27-year-old ex-substitute teacher from Clayton County (Atlanta) Georgia, has been arrested for alleged sexual relationship with student, who might be father of her twins.

Frank, of Riverdale, told police the student's father asked her to transport the boy to Charles Drew High School, according to an arrest warrant. During those trips to school the relationship between Frank and the teen age student progressed first to the state of sex acts they performed on each other and then to full sexual intercourse.

Frank, who claims she is pregnant with twins and that the 17-year-old boy is the father, admitted to police that she and the teen boy had sex inside her parked vehicle off-campus numerous times.

According to police records, another Drew High School student told police he also had a sexual relationship with Rene Frank, but Frank denied that. Police said their investigation continues.

A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for June 21.

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