Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rucker-Stewart Middle School teacher accused of sex with teen

Devri Ann DePriest, 25-year-old band director and music teacher at Rucker-Stewart Middle School, Gallatin, Tennessee, having a sexual relationship with the student approximately 20 times between September and November of 2010 when the alleged victim was 16 years old.

Depriest was arrested Tuesday on a charge of statutory rape by an authority figure. Gallatin Police Sgt. Chris Shockley's affidavit states he recorded a telephone call between the teen and Depriest. The affidavit states the recording led to Depriest acknowledging the sexual.

allatin Police said the now 17-year-old male came to the police department with his mother to come clean about the affair. The mother of a young alleged victim confirmed that she was friends with a high school band teacher accused of raping her son.

The sex acts between female teacher and her male student happeded at her residence, here in Gallatin at the time, which is on Kennesaw Boulevard, in some apartment.

After speaking with police DePriest admitted the relationship. DePriest was taken to the Sumner County Jail. A court date was set for December 7th.

Gallatin Police said they are concerned there could be other victims. If you feel like your child could be a victim, you are urged to call the Gallatin Police at (615) 452-8267.

Band Director Accused Of Raping Her Friends Son

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