Wednesday, December 14, 2011

27-year-old woman accused of sex acts with a 14-year-old boy she supervised

Candice Elise Smith, 27-year-old boarding school house parent from Walhalla, South Carolina, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 14-year-old boy she supervised at an Oconee County children's home.

Smith, of Taylors, is charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor following an investigation into several instances of alleged sexual intercourse between Smith and a 14-year-old student at at the Tamassee Daughters of the American Revolution School.

According to warrants Smith had sexual intercourse with a teenager in a cottage on the campus of the Tamassee DAR School. Warrants state that the activity occurred between April and August of this year.

The school "offers a stable, nurturing home-like environment to children while their family works to resolve circumstances contributing to the crisis situation," according to a school brochure. A house or teaching parent acts as a surrogate for children coming from homes in crisis and live with up to 10 children.

At this time investigators don't believe any other students were involved.

House Parent Accused Of Sex with a 14-year-old Boy She Supervised

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