Tuesday, December 20, 2011

49-year-old woman accused of sex acts with neighbors young son

Cheryl Nemetz, 49-year-old woman from Port Orange, Florida, has been accused of engaging in sexual relationship with 14-year-old boy who lives in neighborhood. Mrs Nemetz also allegedly provided marijuana and prescription drugs to the boy.According to the police report, mother of the teen boy told officers she thought something might be wrong as her son's grades had been dropping and he had been suspended from school after marijuana was found on him.

The teen first told detectives he was only hanging out with Nemetz but when son's friend had informed mother that her son was having sex with a neighbor the boy eventually came clean and told his mom about the sexual acts. The neighbor was identified in an arrest affidavit as Cheryl Nemetz, who lives in Ashton Point Apartments.

The boy confided in his mother that first he just hanging out at Nemetz house and playing video games, but his second day of school, he was lying on Nemetz's bed and she came in the bedroom and "bounced on his (private parts) and started messing around," according to the affidavit. The boy told his mother he had sex with Nemetz about six times some of the sexual encounters occurred as early as August.

He also told police Mrs Nemetz drove him to buy some pot from an acquaintance at the Daytona Beach and he used his own money to buy the drugs, the affidavit shows. The teen said he was never compelled to have sex with Nemetz, but told that he was being paid $50 a week to sleep with the older woman.

In a conversation that was apparently recorded by police, Cheryl Nemetz told the boy to tell detectives nothing happened and it was all a lie. "I'll go to jail and I'll never see my kid again" she told the boy. When detectives interviewed Nemetz, she denied having sex with the boy and said he mostly came over to her house to play with her son. She acknowledged she owed the boy $50, but claimed it was a fee for moving furniture.

49-year-old Cheryl Nemetz accused of sex with neighbor's 14-year-old son

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