Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amanda Baker Faces More Sex Crime Charges as More Victims Step Forward

Amanda Jo  Barker,32-year-old cheerleading coach at North Marion High School, Mannington, West Virginia, who was arrested in October for allegedly performing oral sex acts to a young boy, was been arrested again on four additional charges.

Investigation of the alleged illegal sex acts  was launched after a student reported the alleged sexual assault to the school's assistant principal. The boy told that Barker performed oral sex on him during multiple times he visited her home, on the couch in her living room.  Barker's husband was reportedly asleep in a bedroom when the alleged assaults occurred. At one point she asked him if he wanted to go further but he declined "because it felt wrong," the complaint said. After their third encounter they agreed to stop and not to tell anyone.

Amanda Barker initially denied sex acts when she was interviewed, but later admitted to them, according to an arrest affidavit. Barker told during an interview the teen had "a flirting way about him" and her husband and children were in bed when the incidents occurred. She told investigators then that she had never done anything with any other minors.

Since her arrest, police said at least two more victims have come forward. Barker is now also facing three counts of sex abuse by person in trust of a child and one count of soliciting a minor via computer. One of the boys told  that his encounters with Barker occurred in her Mannington home during sleepovers. He said she performed oral sex on him while other teens were in the home. the other boy told Scott that Barker "lured" him by texting him naked photos of herself and asking him to send her pictures of his genitalia. The teen said Barker performed oral sex on him in a parking lot, according to State Police.

Barker, a mother of three, is the former freshman cheerleading coach at North Marion High School.  The Marion County Board of Education fired Barker in November and barred her from attending any high school event.

Cheerleading Coach Accused of Oral Sex with Boy Faces More Sex Abuses Charges

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