Friday, January 25, 2013

Female Teacher Accused of Child Sex Three Decades Ago

Monte Sue Diebolt, 73-year-old retired teacher currently living in Statesboro, Georgia, has been has been accused of sexual abuse of a child that happened three decades ago in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to victim, Diebolt sexually assaulted him at Marie G. Davis Middle School when it was still an elementary school. When the victim should have been going to gym class and art class Diebolt kept him back and sexually abused when his parents believed he was safe. At one point the mother of the boy became suspicious that something was going on with her son and went to the school with her concern but was told that she did not have to be worried. Still nothing was done and Monte Diebolt was later promoted to a job as an assistant principal before she retired and moved to Georgia.

Diebolt was charged after her client called the retired teacher and confronted her on the phone, which was being secretly recorded by police. She allegedly apologized for what had happened, never suspecting police were listening in.

73-year-old Retired Teacher Charged with Taking Indecent Liberties with a Child

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