Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LaShawn Simmons, teacher accused of sex with four teen students

LaShawn Simmons, 41-year-old math teacher at Beverly Hills Intermediate School, Pasadena, Texas, has been accused of engaging in alleged sexual relations with at least four high school students.

Simmons was charged with sexual assault of a child, two counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student, online solicitation of a minor and possession of child pornography. In addition to sex acts with minor boys, female teacher also sent inappropriate Facebook messages to boys and explicit texts and nude pictures were sent from her cell phone.

A two-month investigation began after police got a complaint from a student’s parent who discovered Facebook messages between her son and Simmons in December. Investigators say they found Simmons had sex with two adults and two juveniles who attend J. Frank Dobie High School. Simmons, who had worked as ateacher for the middle school for last 14 years, was placed quickly on administrative leave after the complaint was made. According to documents, investigators found several nude pictures of the male students and several sexually explicit conversations with the teens on Simmons cell phone. After identifying the teens, they admitted to investigators in separate interviews that they had sex with LaShawn Simmons, who had been their teacher, at her apartment after school. One student admitted to trading nude pictures with her via text message.

Pasadena Teacher Accused of Sex with Four Students

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