Friday, March 15, 2013

Tina Scapin, Connecticut school bus driver accused of sex with teen

Tina Scapin, 39-year-old school bus driver from Torrington, Connecticut, has been accused of sexual relations with a teen boy.

Scapin, of Red Mountain Avenue, is charged with second-degree felony sexual assault. The 17-year-old student Scapin allegedly had sex with is from Torrington Public Schools. All Star Transportation, assured school officials Scapin will not be driving one of their school buses or in their districts again.

The incident did not happen on the school bus but elsewhere in the city and did not happen while Tina Scapin was on the job.

Convictions for second-degree sexual assault have a limited scope. There are several circumstances that can be met, all of which involve a victim being incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse because of age, being “physically helpless,” or “mentally defective,” or because the defendant held authority over the victim, especially a minor under 18. Defendants who are convicted face a minimum of nine months in prison.

Police say the records have been sealed, and no details are being released.

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