Friday, March 22, 2013

Virginia Mom Accused of Drugging Minor Boy Before Sexually Assaulting Him

Kelly C Blazek, 32-year-old woman from Stafford County, Virginia, has been arrested on two felony charges after being accused of providing drugs to and having sex with a 15-year-old boy.
The investigation began last month after police received information about the alleged sexual relations between teen boy and Blazek, who is charged with distributing drugs to a minor and crimes against nature.

The boy told investigators that he rode with Blazek to Triangle one day last summer to get some pills he referred to as “roxies” (Oxycodene). After then returned to Blazek’s home on Bel Plains Drive in southern Stafford Blazek offered hin a pil in exchange for sex and began fondling and sexually touchin him on the living room couch. Kelly Blazek is married and has small children, but her husband and children were not at home that day, court records state. After they had been “making out on the coch about five minutes” according to the boy, Blazek led him into her bedroom, where they performed sex acts for about 10 minutes - as a sex offend, that's pretty short time compared to some other mothers who fuck teens for years.

According to the Code of Virginia, the drug charge is a far more serious offense than the sex-related charge. If convicted, Blazek would face a prison term of between 10 and 50 years with a mandatory minimum of five years to serve.

Stafford Woman Accused of Drugs and Sex with 15-year-old

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