Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Hills High School Teacher Accused of Years Long Sexual Abuse

Courtney Keller, 28-year-old teacher’s aide at Black Hills High School, Tumwater, Washington, has been arrested a for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a Black Hills High student for nearly two years.

Keller, a married mother of a 4-year-old daughter, pleaded not guilty and was eleased from jail on her personal recognizance.

Courtney Keller handled student discipline at Black Hills High School for seven years and resigned in February this year. Her resignation came after Tumwater School District officials received an an anonymous letter informing them about the alleged sexual relationship between Keller and a teen student. The teenager told police the relationship ended earlier this year, around the same time the anonymous letter arrived at school district offices. Keller allegedly began a sexual relationship with the student two years ago when he was 16 years old – he is now 18, and dropped out of school in his senior year. the relationship began during the 2010-2011 school year when the victim was a sophomore and that it continued for two years, ending during the 2012-2013 school year when the victim was a senior.

The former student told police that the two began flirting, then “making out” and touching, all during his sophomore year in high school, when he was 16. Starting during his junior year, he said she began providing him “with tobacco and pain killers,” including Vicodin and Percoset.

They also began having sex during his junior year, the young man told police. The boy’s mother said that she thought it was odd he was spending so much time in detention without being referred there. Keller’s duties included supervising detention.
According to boy, Keller once attended a party with him at another student’s home and two students walked in on him having sex with Keller during the party. After that, the teen told police, “the entire school knew about his relationship with Keller.”

He said the relationship ended because Keller was falling in love, and she wanted to leave her husband and move in with him when he turned 18. The young man told police he was “really freaked” by this proposal.

An inmate at the Thurston County Jail is accused of attacking  Courtney Keller on Wednesday after her court appearance.

A transient inmate accused of first-degree burglary and first-degree robbery allegedly grabbed Keller by the hair as she was exiting the video-conference table at the jail, and then pushed her to the ground. Corrections deputies at the jail quickly moved in to separate the inmate from Keller. The inmate was cited with fourth-degree misdemeanor assault as a result of the incident. There is no known connection between Keller’s case and the man’s alleged attack. Keller suffered minor bruising from the attack.

Married Teacher Accused of Having Sexual Relations with Student for Nearly Two Years

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