Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brooke Dinkel accused of sex with teen boy

Brooke Dinkel, 31-year-old counselor at Smoky Valley Middle School, Salina, Kansas, has been arrested for 5 counts of rape involving a male who remains unidentified and is 13-years of age.

Dinkel faces 5-counts of rape and 5-counts of aggravated criminal sodomy for inappropriate sexual contact with a male student, from October of 2012 through March this year. Dinkel is a counselor at Smoky Valley Middle School in Lindsborg, located in McPherson County, and the victim is a student at the same school. She was arrested by Saline County authorities because she resides in Salina, and the victim also lives in Saline County. Brooke Dinkel worked at the school less than a year. She has been suspended.

Saline School Counselor Arrested For Rape

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