Friday, April 19, 2013

Kristin Leone Faces Jail After Pleading Guilty to Sex Crimes

Kristin K. Leone, 26-year-old history teacher at Clifton High School, Clifton, New Jersey, who was arrested in May 2012 on charges she had sex with one of her 16-year-old male students, has pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal sexual contact and faces a year in jail and five years of probation.

Leone was indicted in last September by a Passaic County grand jury on charges of sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, luring and enticing a child, two counts of criminal sexual contact and two counts of official misconduct.

The first alleged incident took place in a classroom where Leone was tutoring the boy after school – after-school tutoring session allegedly turned into a sexual encounter between a 16-year-old male student and his 26-year-old teacher. The encounter allegedly involved contact of a sexual nature but not full sexual intercourse.. In the second incident at Leone’s home in Clifton, the teacher was accused of having sexual intercourse with the student.

The prosecutor said details are still being investigated, but said the contact initiated with text messages between the high school junior and his teacher, who used her personal phone.

In exchange for her guilty plea, the remaining other counts in the indictment will be dismissed when she is sentenced June 7 by state Superior Court Judge Donna Gallucio in Paterson. Leone admitted in court yesterday that the student took her hand and placed it on his genitals during a tutoring session at school on April 26 and that she kept her hand there for her own sexual gratification. She also admitted to inviting the student to her Clifton apartment on April 29 and to placing her hand on the boy’s genitals for her own sexual gratification.

Authorities had alleged prior to her guilty plea that the two had sexual intercourse at her apartment. While there was no sign that anyone was coerced, the relationship was not legal. While 16 is the legal age of sexual consent in New Jersey, it is illegal for a high school student and teacher to have sexual relations because the student is a subordinate in the teacher’s charge.

Kristin Leone was a full time social studies teacher at Clifton High School since January 2009 and taught World History, college prep, limited English and honors U.S. History II, according to her digital online portfolio. Leone was a student teacher at Clifton High School in 2007 as a Montclair State University student where she helped teach psychology.

Kristin Leone Pleads Guilty to Sex crime Charges

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