Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Utah swim coach Jamie Waite got jail for sex crimes

Jamie Waite, 37-year-old volunteer swim coach at Ben Lomond High School, Utah, who plead  guilty of four counts of forcible sexual abuse, got her prison time was suspended and was ordered to to spend 210 days in jail and complete three years’ probation.

Waite was sentenced by 2nd District Judge Scott Hadley to four concurrent prison sentences of one to 15 years for four separate charges of forcible sex abuse, a second-degree felony, but the prison time was suspended. Instead, the judge ordered Waite to spend 210 days in jail and complete three years’ probation. He also ordered 60 hours of community service or a $603 fine, $500 in fees, completion of a “cognitive restructuring program” and any restitution to be determined within a year. The woman is also prohibited from having any contact with the victim or any other children under the age of 18.

Waite, who has two teenage children herself aged 11 and 15, continues to deny having sex with the boy who she knew since his Sophomore year. ‘I want to first apologize to my kids publicly and to my parents,’ Waite said in court.
‘I want to apologize to [the victim]. Because I never meant to cause him any heartache or stress or problems, and I care about his well-being…I set a horrible example. For me, for my kids, for my swimmers, for my school, and I screwed up.’

Jamie Waite was arrested over two years ago in March 2011, after a tip off from a friend of waite who claimed the pair were having a relationship. Waite had worked as an unpaid, volunteer assistant swim coach at Ben Lomond for more than four years before her arrest. The alleged victim said he had known Waite since he was a sophomore.

At a party in November 2010 Waite had given vodka shots to 17-year-old boy and they later left to Waite’s apartment with another boy. In the apartment Waite undressed and went to shower, and the teen boy followed her. When the other boy opened bathroom floor he saw swim coach and his friend having sex on the floor. After that first encounter in the teen told that he had sexual relations with his swim coach more than 20 times in December 2010 and January 2011. Their encounters almost always took place when he was supposed to be at school, or before or after swim practice, he said.

Amy Levy, a friend of Waite’s who tipped off police to the relationship, told that Jamie Waite told her in November 2010 about having sex with the alleged victim. At the time she didn’t say anything but on Feb. 27, 2011 Waite had told her that the teen had broken off their relationship and she was OK with it because she had been hanging out with another boy from their ward. Waite had gestured toward the teen boys passing out sacrament during church proceedings and at that point Levy decided to told about her friend’s predatory actions to her bishop, who told her she needed to contact police.

Jamie Waite Gets Jail For Forcible Sex Abuse

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