Saturday, May 25, 2013

Donna Stewart raped two 12-year-old boys

Donna Craig Stewart, 48-year-old woman from Newton, North Carolina, has been convicted of two counts of first degree rape of a child.

Stewart was arrested on Jan. 11. Her arrest stemmed from the rape of two 12-year-old boys. One of the victims was a neighbor of Stewart’s and the other was the son of an acquaintance. Law enforcement was alerted after the mother of one of the boys read a Facebook conversation between the two boys and her son admitted to her that Mrs Stewart, who is over 3 timer older than her young victims, had performed oral sex on him and engaged in sex acts with both boys. The two rapes  occurred in December 2012 on the same day.

Donna Stewart was sentenced by Judge Richard Boner in Catawba County Superior Court between 25 and 32 years in prison.

Stewart was also ordered to lifetime registration with the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry and will be subject to satellite-based monitoring upon her release from prison.

48-year-old Newton Woman Will Spend Years Behind Bars for Raping Two 12-year-old Boys

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