Monday, May 27, 2013

Nicole Jacques Admites Sex with Former Student

Nicole Jacques, 26-year-old former former teacher at Calvary Baptist School from Hatfield Township, Pennsylvania, has admitted sexual relationship with her former student and pleaded guilty to a felony charge of corruption of a minor.

Jacque entered an open plea, which means there is no agreement between the prosecution and defense on a sentence. Montgomery County Judge Wendy Demchick Alloy  postponed sentencing until Jacques undergoes a Megan’s Law sexually violent predator assessment as well as an evaluation as to her suitability for a house-arrest sentence. Also, the judge directed the adult probation office to conduct a presentence investigation on Jacques’ background and that Jacques undergo a psychiatric/psychological evaluation. A sentencing date will be set after reports are completed. Jacques, who is free on $5,000 cash bail, could be sentenced to a maximum of 3½ to seven years in prison.

Jacques, of the 2000 block of Maple Avenue, pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court on Wednesday to a felony charge of corruption of a minor in connection with incidents that occurred between February 2011 and February 2012. All the sex acts between adult woman and minor boy occured after Nicole Jacques abruptly resigned from her job at Calvary Baptist School in Landsdale. Though she wasn't employed, she continued to communicate with one her former students and the relationship gradually turned sexual.  The boy's father reported Jacques on Feb. 10 2012 after learning of the alleged debauchery.  Father discovered an excessive amount of calls from Jacques’ cell and home phone numbers to his son’s cellphone and brought the bill to police, according to court records. In just under three weeks spanning late January and early February, there were 37 phone calls and 1,168 text messages between the two, according to detectives. The student told them that he'd had sex with Jacques about 50 times at her apartment in Hatfield.

Nicole Jacques was initally charged with 20 counts of unlawful contact with a minor and 20 counts of corruption of a minor. According to plea dea, other charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and unlawful contact with a minor are slated to be dismissed against Jacques at time of sentencing, court papers indicate.

Former Teacher Admits Sex with 14-Year-Old Student

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