Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Second Newport News Woman Accused of Underage Sex

Cara Alexander, 27-year-old English teacher at Woodside High School, Newport News, Virginia, has been accused of engaging in an inappropriate yearlong sexual relationship with a teen male student.

Alexander, whose nude photos were found on students phone, faces counts of using a communications system to facilitate offenses involving children, counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and taking indecent liberties with a minor.

According to court documents the student told police that he had had sex with the female teacher more than 20 times during several months since last summer. The documents state that Alexander initiated contact with the student by giving him her cell phone number. the underage boy’s parents found nude photos of Kara Alexander on their son’s phone on April 23 and contacted police.

Apparently the two never practiced such inappropriate activity on school grounds. Alexander has taught ninth-grade English at Woodside since 2010 and was a substitute teacher before then.

In March this year another woman from Newport News are was arrested for underage sex. Nukia Shaneece Barnes, 18-year-old woman from Newport News, virginia, was arrested for molesting a 9-year-old boy inside her home. Barnes was charged with aggravated sexual battery, forcible sodomy and crimes against nature. Investigation began after alleged victim’s mother contacted police. On Feb. 8, the victim’s mother reported to police her son was molested by Barnes. According to the report, Barnes invited the young boy into her home and then sexually assaulted him.

Newport News Teacher Accused of Yearlong Sexual Relationship with Teen Student

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