Monday, June 17, 2013

Alternative school teacher arrested on obscenity, child molestation

Amy Lee Cassada, 34-year-old teacher at the St. Marys Ombudsman School, Camden County, Georgia, has been charged with child molestation and electronically transmitting obscene material to a minor.

Police began investigating a report of alleged sexual activity between female teacher and a 15-year-old male student at the St. Marys Ombudsman School last month. Suspicious behavior happened between Casseda and the student after private tutoring sessions were arranged between them.

Police interviewed witnesses and seized several electronic devices as part of the investigation. In addition to text messages, teacher also transmitted a series of four pictures of herself to the student, one of which police said was obscene.

Police say a second person is in police custody in connection with the case.  19-year-old man was arrested for threatening the teen involved in this case a few days after the initial incident was reported. He was subsequently interviewed and confessed to the threat, and told officers he was also a former student of Cassada's and that over time he received sexual images from her as well.

Cassada was not only a teacher at St. Marys Ombudsman, she also works for a private company that contracts with the Camden County School district. The assistant Superintendent of Camden County schools said the company and the district have never had a problem with teachers before and are doing their own investigation into the situation. School system spokesman Arthur Van Blarcum said that Ombudsman has been successful in providing services for Camden County’s alternative school students placed there as a result of disciplinary or academic issues.

The St. Marys Police Department believes there are possibly other juveniles or students who were victimized by Cassada. Other victims are encouraged to contact detectives of the St. Marys Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division.

Female teacher Faces Child Molestation Charges

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